School System of Japan

Japanese schoolCulture

The teens are often main characters in anime and manga. Most of them are students. So, I write school system of Japan.

School System of Japan

ISCED levelDescriptionTypesyearsages
0Early childhood EducationKindergarten2-33-6
1Primary educationElementary School66-12
2Lower secondary educationLower Secondary School312-15
3Upper secondary educationHigh School315-18
5Short-cycle tertiary educationJunior college218-20
6Bachelor or equivalentcollege, university418-22
7Master or equivalentGraduate school222-24
8Doctoral or equivalentGraduate school324-

School year of characters

SchoolyearageCharacter nametitleSchool namenote
Elementary School49Yotsuha MiyamizuYour Name.The first appearance
Elementary School5Karin KurosakiBleachThe first appearance
Elementary School5Yuzu KurosakiBleachThe first appearance
Elementary School611Nae TennojiSteins;GateThe first appearance
Lower Secondary School214Misaka MikotoA Certain Magical IndexTokiwadai Middle School
Lower Secondary School2Hinata KawamotoMarch Comes In Like A LionThe first appearance
High School115Ichigo KurosakiBleachKarakura High SchoolThe first appearance
High School115Orihime InoueBleachKarakura High SchoolThe first appearance
High School115Uryu IshidaBleachKarakura High SchoolThe first appearance
High School1Yasutora SadoBleachKarakura High SchoolThe first appearance
High School1Rukia KuchikiBleachKarakura High SchoolThe first appearance
High School1Toma KamijoA Certain Magical IndexThe first appearance
High School216Mayuri SiinaSteins;GateThe first appearance
High School216Luka UrushibaraSteins;GateThe first appearance
High School217Rumiho Akiha (Faris NyanNyan)Steins;GateThe first appearance
High School2Ran MoriDetective Conan
University118Rintaro OkabeSteins;GateTokyo Denki UniversityThe first appearance
University119Itaru “Daru” HashidaSteins;GateTokyo Denki UniversityThe first appearance
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